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Aug 5, 2017

Trump Drains Swamp!

No, really! Over the disastrous months of his reign I've noticed how my response to Trump has become in turn amused, angered, horrified, disbelieving, sicked, and even empathetic (as he flounders like a drowning puppy, clearly beyond his depth). But surprisingly, I've become increasingly appreciative of Trump of late. Turns out he is actually draining the swamp as he promised, and it takes no less than a character like this to do it! Of course it's not the swamp we all had hopes for: that of unsavory characters, which populate the capital like flies in an outhouse––no, these vermin only increased by whopping numbers under his influence. Rather, what's being drained is the healthy ecosystem of our roughly functional socio-political architecture. But here's the thing: As the water level of moral dignity continues to fall, we can begin to see the truly reprehensible moral character of what's become of the Republican Party that continues to support him.

While Trump tries out bald-faced lies with the Boy Scouts or tromps on the values of the constitution, for instance in calling for police brutality, any decent individual serving this government would have lodged their objection. No true representative of the people would allow any power––foreign or domestic––to threaten democracy, being as their loyalty oath was to uphold to the constitution (there's a reason it's called treason!) But as conditions worsen day by day we can see how despicable the morality of the Republican Congress truly is. (Republicans aren't the only slimepails on the hill, but they're the ones being exposed!) Clearly, the GOP is not working for the people.

All this talk we've heard for decades of "family values", "defending the working man" (always a "man") and the "Moral Majority" turn out to be a smokescreen. Instead of serving a decent citizenry they serve the rich, who are making out like the bandits they often are. [I'm not saying that wealth is synonymous with crime, only that it's very hard for any person to get rich without exploiting unfair advantage]. The blessing in this case is that as the waters recede, we can see the swamp creatures for who they are. The patriots stand up and object while the scoundrels only sink deeper, hoping the draining will stop before they're exposed. We could never have seen this clearly the moral character of the GOP had things not to have gotten this bad. They would've been able to keep hiding their immense decrepitudes behind tiny flag lapel pins.

But the jig is up. They are each being exposed! Now it is up to us who still believe in the values of democracy to call them on their hypocrisy, throw these blood suckers out of the government and replace them with servants who well actually defend and uphold the Constitution. The USA is a fine nation, but, as is the case for each of us, our values are what we DO, not what we say!
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