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Oct 21, 2016

Trump is Only the Demon's Head

We are living in very weird times. It's wild to have watched politics spiral into the gutter over the last several years. Now it's reached the status of outright bizarre. Trump is a very sad case of an extreme narcissist personality that verges on the sociopathic, “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul”, according to Mark Singer. He's a pathetic character that has never assimilated the realities that most of us master in adolescence. He is the epitome of the enfant terrible, the "terrible child" who never grows up enough to realize there are real people in the world as worthy as himself.

It's clear that Trump will lose the election, but we fool ourselves if we think this will be the end of the fever! The bigger question for me is: why has our society coughed up this particular image? This phenomenon represents about 30% of the populace that resonates with Trump's infintile psychology. This represents an enormous suthoritarian demographic among us, plenty enough to spawn a Nazi rerun. Something is going to happen and it won't be pretty. We have to accept the fact that as a nation we have this monster inside us and it will emerge one way or another.

I recently came across a cogent article that explains the Trump phemomena better than anything else I've read as a divide between rural and urban worldviews. It's quite sobering, really. Blue collar workers across the US are dumped out of the economy as the world shifts away from the traditional concept of "work". But the vast majority of the rural-minded are not really thinking abut solutions, they are reacting to the trauma they experience. So that frustration and fear is going to manifest in one way or another. Let's hope the Democrats or some more thoughtful institution can start telling the truth about the real problems that we face! The only future scenario that doesn't involve massive violence is going to be some means of broad social support. The best I've seen is Basic Income, a means of supporting human beings while most all work is done by machines. What's wrong with a solution like that? I think it's one we can all agree on, but we must first lose our fears. Let's hope we can do that before the Trump mobs go on a rampage!

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