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Mar 1, 2016

TPP: Calvin Klein Sues the Women of the World

Women's sexiness is a product of nature and as such the corporation has every right to profit from it
Photo by a Korean woman photographer I can't identify.
just like it does sunshine or coal, or so the clothing giant Calvin Klein has it. And backed by the new Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the most ambitious free trade agreements ever, signed on Feb. 4, now this view will be hard to argue against. "This natural resource is no different from oil or gas, found naturally in the world, and if it is not being exploited it is simply going to waste!" So says Sue Suich, spokesperson for CK. Now with the heft of TPP on its side, it is suing the women of the world for loss of income potential.

"Think of all the terrific sexy bodies, bouncy butts and bulging breasts–a resource worth untold trillions worldwide", said CK President Martin Maes, "These are rich renewable resources that could be generating income for hard-working families. So when women choose to hide their assets, as with Muslims, or deny them, as with lesbians, they deprive corporations like ours of the very resources that are our lifeblood."

While there has been hefty resistance to the TPP––particularly as it pits labor populations against each other, lowering wages and security––and threatens environmental safeguards, the agreement is likely to pass this Republican congress.

Women are among the most vociferous opponents to the suit, some of whom have pointed out that a woman's body is her own property and whether or not she profits by it is her decision alone. But Maes disagrees, "Anyone is free to exploit their own resources to the fullest, but to let them just go to waste is a crime against nature! One of the beauties of this [TPP] treaty is that it restores to the economy hidden resources that are otherwise unavailable. We are simply making this energy source available for all to enjoy."                                         (Yes, it's satire.)
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