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May 27, 2015

Global Vision Like This is Rare!

The Vortex bladeless wind generator.
Northwestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe came to the studio again yesterday to meet with me about our energy future. Other than my talking too much it went well. It's great to have an open dialog about something so important to the future, and with a guy who really has his hand on the tiller! I really think this is a crucial moment in history and what we do next is going to have a powerful effect.

I talked to him about our need for more imaginative vision, like what Elon Musk demonstrated with his unrolling of the new Powerwall battery a few weeks ago. I find this the most sparkling visionary talk I've heard of since Kennedy talked about going to the moon! Musk's global vision for empowering the world with solar is both striking and thrilling to comprehend! Simply changing the image in our heads with visions like this helps us to actually move into a new responsive and sustainable world.

Prices of solar panels have dropped 75% in the past 6 years, and will continue to plunge. There are lots of great ideas being implemented, like the "energy internet", in which power moves back and forth between many players; new graphene-based solar generators that promise to double power output, or experiments to beam power from space. There's even a whole new design just being developed in Spain; a new bladeless wind generator (they're raising money through crowdfunding if you want to get in on the ground floor like I am.) The changes are gaining traction and speeding up.

This is the beginning of yet another energy revolution. The question is not where is the future but how quickly we can move from fossil to renewable energy. I'm taking an online course on Our Energy Future. In talking with people all over the world, it's clear that alternative energy is happening everywhere and quickly! If America doesn't step up we will find ourselves in the backwaters of history. Now is the time!
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