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Jan 7, 2015

Violence Can Never Overcome Art

Artists are still among the most powerful people among us, even dead! 

Four cartoonists and many others were killed in an attack in Paris today at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, in an explosion of religious intolerance. 

When your god is so small as to be threatened by a cartoon you really need to find a larger god!

Instead of pandering to violent fundamentalist's sense of human dignity, which remains intact regardless of any monstrous behavior, we should focus on separating them from the population. This would be fairly easy to do by simply flooding the world with cartoons of Mohammed. If such images appeared in every publication and every shop window these idiots would be so overwhelmed that they would drowned in their own hatred. The world is too small to allow anyone to use violence to uphold their own ridiculous dogma. Such fools need to come to their senses in prison where they can't hurt anyone.

Charlie Hebdo and their cartoonists and editors are heroes for standing up for the basic human right of free expression. 

Art is more powerful than violence, which overcomes all in the short term, but can never persevere in the long run. We are Charlie.
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