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May 1, 2013

What If Earth were Sold Off to Aliens?

I suppose the overlords would have us all working as their slaves to extract resources for them as they
Jacob #53, monotype by Tim Holmes
filled the planet up with garbage, meanwhile secretly siphoning off as much wealth as they could. To squeeze as much juice out of the lemon as possible they would slowly close the spigot for the vast majority of the populace while raising the take of their few human collaborators. Of course the vasts seas of worker drones would revolt, expensively, if they were not so they're placated by certain amenities demanded by local populations, mostly with junk food, entertainment and cheap goods.

I thought about this when I read this sentence in a recent news story:
"It's increasingly clear that both the criminal justice system and the civil courts may be impotent to stop them." "Them" in this case is some entity we don't really know but appear in the form of masters of finance. If aliens actually ruled the earth we would be powerless to stop them of course, or even sense them, perhaps. But we could certainly see the effects of their activity.

Ultimately is there any way we could tell for sure if we were being used so? There being no way to fight an invisible parasite, the only thing we poor humans could do is try to maintain our autonomy as much as possible and protect the things we love from being appropriated. No way we could safeguard the earth's natural resources, but we could try to protect our loved ones, our homes and our local environment. Not knowing how the system works to enslave us, the only way to seize our own dignity would be to devote our time to only the crucial: doing what we love and caring for others.

Aliens or not, the description of the symptoms we see is the same. We of course must fight against tyranny, but in the end all that matters is doing what we can to protect what we love; certainly ourselves and families, but also communities, hopefully the greater nation and perhaps even nature. We can do no more than this, whoever the bastards are!
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