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Jan 14, 2013

Killing Cancer

My sister Krys discovered three months ago that there was a tumor growing in her abdomen. It was the size of a housecat and growing. She immediately underwent a terrible regime of chemotherapy, the most radical and aggressive that is available. A few days ago she got a CT scan that revealed that the cancer has shrunk so much it's no longer visible. The medicine did not kill her, close as she came to that. It killed her cancer.

In a less cynical time we would have been able to say beyond a doubt that such an achievement is magic. Humanity, able to use a God-like power for good! In the midst of facing the terrible crises that seem to assault us daily from the front pages of the paper, it is helpful to take a moment every so often to stop and give thanks for the amazing things that we have been able to achieve. Every achievement is the result of someone's creative struggle, usually against great odds, to birth a vision of how things could be better. Amidst the terrible crime, corruption and stupidity that so often dominate our attention, we truly are an astonishing species. We can all thank God we live in the time and place we do.  We are incredibly lucky!

Go here to read her own creative musings on her condition.
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