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Sep 1, 2012

Cesar Hidalgo's fascinating glimps into the future.

I just discovered this young Chilean professor, a guy that that I am going to be watching closely! He gives a rapid-paced talk on in which he covers a number of ways of viewing the world that I find very illuminating. We need this kind of wide-focus imagination to help us unfold a better future! Here some ideas from his talk:

• We currently obtain our data on human health from sick people, as it's collected from people entering hospitals! We simply don't have data "in the wild" (data on health from healthy people). But soon we'll be able to track such information and learn a great deal about how our environment, such as the stresses of the city, affect our well-being. (Now there's a novel idea!)

• What is the difference between value and money? They are very different but I've not had a handle on how to think of it before listening to Cesar talk about the difference between Google- (which gives all of us value every day for free) and Wall Street (which sucks money out of the system while delivering nothing). We tend to think not of value but of money exchange in determining value. Yet as he points out, we could derive enormous value from something like cars if they did not sit idle most of the time but were shared among people who would use them, vastly decreasing their cost and increasing their value.

• Direct democracy (27 minutes in) represents a social dream that the American founding fathers would have loved to have achieved, but the best that they could carry off technologically was for the people to elect representatives to approximate decisions the people would like to make directly. One day the obvious solution to ruling a free nation will be direct democracy, where people vote on any and every decision that is important to them. There is a great deal of value in giving citizens direct control. People tend to own decisions that they make but not necessarily those made for them by those that they choose. (Not to blow my own horn or anything, but I do have a model for direct democracy I've been designing.) Gotta hear more from this guy!

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