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Oct 11, 2011

This Changes the Whole Meaning of Columbus Day!

It was really just a fluke that it happened on Columbus Day, but in doing some serious study in Thomas Laqueur's Making Sex yesterday I read what Columbus discovered that surprised me a great deal more than the continent I inhabit.  And that is... the clitoris!  OK, truth is it was a different explorer on a different continent, the Italian physician Renaldus Columbus. But still it's remarkable… he claimed in 1559 that he had found the center of women's delight! No doubt women everywhere were overjoyed to hear about it!

Just think, all those millennia of ignorance suddenly shattered by the devoted explorations of a tireless adventurer selflessly pushing forward the frontiers of the knowledge of mankind! Unfortunately we don't have any record of what Columbus's wife thought of it, but don't you imagine that she was bursting with pride (or something) when at age 43 he published his findings? That is, if she wasn't busy.

I wonder what else we clever men could discover if we poked around in the right places?
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