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Mar 11, 2010

Romanian Fire Geyser

It's a true story told me by my friend who was there!..One cold winter in the 70's in Soviet Romania an oil well burst into flames and could not be extinguished.  Here in the middle of a field of snow a fountain of fire hundreds of feet high burned fiercely day after day.  Soon green grass sprouted in the false climate.  Birds would fly too close to the flames and fall to the ground, providing extra food for chronically hungry people.  Another kind of flock gathered to the area of the huge flame as people came to spend their days by it, basking in its warmth as if at the beach.  Before long stalls and trailers appeared to provide the people with goods and services as they sat warming themselves around the geyser,  blossoming into a new town.  A disaster had become a gift to a cold, hungry people.

But even disasters come to an end.  After some months the flames were extinguished and townspeople returned home once again to a sterile and predictable life.  But they were touched in a strange new way by an incredible memory of a town of worshipers ringed about a column of fire in the snow.
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