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Jun 3, 2009

Private Hell

In my own little tiny universe I have a unique Twilight Zone experience of incredible frustration that no one knows or can see. I won't go into the details, but this is actually one of several similar experiences in the last several months where in my relations with a bank, I spin my wheels in an effort to do a simple transaction, caught in a bizarre zone where “this has never happened before” or “nobody has that problem” or in this case, “that's impossible”.

About a month ago I was standing in the already-tense situation of the grocery line when my bankcard password quit working. So I went to the bank to get a new password. They processed something said come back the next week. After several unsuccessful return trips due to my own rotten timing, very brief, inconsistent opening hours and the many surprise holidays, it was not until this morning that I finally got to the bank when they were actually open. I suffered an hour of incredible frustration as I picked up the new password, which turns out to be the same as the old one! I won't relate all the waiting in lines, but one after another employee, after hiding their eyes while I typed in the number which still didn't work, would say "you typed it in wrong". When I finally got a guy to tell me what to do if the impossible actually happened, and I did that, (which involved going to a different bank, doing the same process and then coming back), at the last moment, standing there before the machine that was finally processing– after a month– my request for cash, another customer service person comes over to help me (NO WAITING)! There I was standing looking at the machine. She asked what the problem was. Sweating, I told her “Nothing, if money comes out of that slot”, and then, unbelievably THE CASH CAME OUT!!! She said, with an aire of forced patience “See? Card first, cash second” and walked away. Me and my murderous anger exist entirely within my own private bubble. As if it never happened!... There. Have a nice day!

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